5 Professional Checklist Tips for Proofreading Your Essay

Why Does Proofreading Matter?

Proofreading is an integral part of the writing process. It is part of the five steps involved in the editing process. During the process, it consists of reviewing:

  • Grammar
  • Style 
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Sentence structure
  • Formatting

It majorly deals with the significant aspects relating to language. When proofreading an essay, it aims at improving the delivery and accuracy of the essay. A proofreader scrutinizes the entire work to bring out a full edited and formatted work. 

One fundamental part of the review process is made up of proofreading. The intended purpose of going through your essay is to ensure natural flow and correct use of language. It is not a simple process, like most people assume it is. 

Purpose of Proofreading

Before making the final submission of your essay, it is advisable to proofread it. When you familiarize yourself with the essay, you develop a tendency to skip some minor errors with your piece. Despite the quality of a writer, it is common to make some mistakes along the way. When reviewing your paper, it is about getting a fresh pair of eyes.


A proofreader gives a final check over your document to ensure it has a high readability score. After proofreading your document, it should be free of errors. Furthermore, your audience should be in a position to engage with the content. 

Types of Documents to Proofread

Every document needs a good proofreading service to ensure it meets the expected quality. Here is a list of some documents that need proofreading services:

  1. Academic proofreading – You need to present your professor with a high-quality document that showcases authority and language command.
  2. Manuscript proofreading – Before the publication of any manuscript, the editor must go through the paper while getting rid of any errors in the content for their audience.
  3. Essay proofreading – Depending on the length of the content, it’s the work of a proofreader to ensure it meets the expect quality in the discipline
  4. Student proofreading – It various from writing a personal statement to written assignments handed to the student. 
  5. Resume proofreading – It helps in creating a long-lasting impression of your character towards the HR

What to Consider When Proofreading 

Different aspects come into play when proofreading your document. These steps come after finishing the editing process for your document. Here is a list of essential features to consider when proofreading your document.

  1. Breaking into Individual Sentences – When reading a whole text, it is hard to get a sense of errors in each sentence. Reading out a sentence at a time gives you the authority to notice errors and omissions.
  2. Checking tense – The tense used in your essay should remain consistent from the introduction to the conclusion. In case it is a proposal, it should use future tense while a project uses past tense.
  3. Getting rid of unnecessary words- Use of catchphrases or technical jargon only reduces your document's understanding. Therefore, get rid of such words that lower the quality of your work.
  4. Examining the list of references – Before finishing the proofreading process, you need to ensure that each citation in the text coincides with the review section's sources. 

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