Writing guide

Basically, a customer initially assumes that his business partner can live up to his expectations, and for most businesses this is also the case. However, it can also happen that there are misunderstandings and the product or service does not meet the expectations.

Problem and solution

In this case, the customer can write a claim and try to find a mutually acceptable solution to the problem.

But then at the latest, there is often the question of how a complaint is written correctly, what points it must contain, what is important in the formulations and what tips the claimant should consider.

Instructions and tips for writing a complaint

It is not so hard to learn to write a meaningful and effective complaint. First of all, the instructions for ordinary letters apply to the writing of a complaint. This means that a claim consists of the address data, the subject, the salutation, the text, the salutation and a handwritten signature and is written in a polite tone.

The polite tone is also one of the most important points, if the author wants to write an effective complaint. Even though he may be very upset, insults and insults in a letter of complaint have no place.

The author should keep in mind that anyone can make a mistake, but he should have the opportunity to make good his mistake. For this reason, a complaint is always formulated in a factual and polite tone.

The second important point in writing a complaint is that it must be meaningful.

On the one hand, this means that the author should describe as precisely and precisely as possible what he is complaining about. He should therefore not only state that the product does not meet his expectations, but actually explain what he does not like it, for example, by referring to the product description.

On the other hand, he should absolutely pay attention to complete information, because if important data is missing and the recipient can not correctly assign the complaint, he can not respond to it.

The information that should be included in a claim in any case includes the sender’s full address, an indication of the reason for the claim and all the information necessary for a clear classification, such as the customer and invoice number, the name of the product and the Item number. If the customer complains about a faulty invoice or another document, he should enclose it in copy and mark the error.

Amicable agreement

It can make sense if the author makes his own solution for a friendly settlement. These must be realistic, otherwise the recipient will not be able to respond.

In order to lend weight to the complaint, the author may set a deadline until when he expects an answer or an elimination of the deficiencies. But again, the timeframe has to be reasonable, as a guideline is two weeks.

If possible, the complaint should contact the right person. If the customer knows, for example, the name of the case officer, he can write the complaint directly to him, because this ensures faster processing.

A letter to the supervisor should only be set up if this can not be avoided, for example because the service department did not react to the complaint.