How to write a travel complaint?

Most of them are looking forward to the few days of vacation all year round and in many cases they are eagerly spared to be pampered during their vacation. However, the greater the anger and disappointment when there are significant deficiencies on site.

Of course, the vacationer can of course write a travel reclamation in order to get at least compensation for a part of the lost holiday pleasures. However, some essential points and tips must be considered.

Check travel services

An important point in this context is that the tourist should first check the booked travel services. If he does not like a hotel or if he has imagined the resort differently, this is annoying, but not a reason that justifies a travel complaint.

If it turns out that the services that have been contractually guaranteed and confirmed as part of the travel confirmation have not been provided, the travel claim will begin to be written on the spot. This means that in order to secure his claims, the holidaymaker should report the deficiencies as quickly as possible.

Tour guide

However, his contact and contract partner is not the hotel, but always the tour operator, who will be represented locally by the responsible travel service. The tour guide will in most cases endeavor to remedy the situation quickly, for example in the form of vouchers or by placing the holidaymaker in another hotel.

If the holidaymaker accepts such an offer, however, as a rule he automatically waives further compensation. If the tour guide can not or does not want to offer a solution on the spot, the holidaymaker can also arrange for a remedy himself. For example, he or she can independently look after another accommodation or cancel the trip early and charge the organizer for the additional costs.

Photos and videos

Regardless of the agreement made on the spot, he should make a note of the deficiencies but in any case, with documents such as photos or videos documenting and confirm in writing by the tour guide.

It can also be useful to look for other travelers who can testify to the shortcomings. The tour guide is obliged to confirm the list of deficiencies, confirmation by the hotel, however, is usually not sufficient to prove in the normal case.

Instructions for writing a travel complaint

After returning from vacation then takes the second step, which means that the tourist must now write the actual travel reclamation.

In this course, the tourist can claim a subsequent travel price reduction. For the writing of the travel price reduction applies initially the instructions for the writing of ordinary business letters, however the vacationer should make sure that his letter contains some substantial information.

On the one hand, this means that the complaint must be clearly identifiable. For this reason, it should contain all relevant information about the traveler and the trip, such as name and address, date of booking, travel price, time period, destination and travel catalog relevant to the trip.


If certain additional services have been booked, these should also be named individually. For example, if the holidaymaker wanted to learn a language while on vacation or complete a diving course and these services were canceled, the costs incurred can be claimed because the holidaymaker had to spend the time differently than planned.


On the other hand, the tourist should name the defects precisely and submit the appropriate supporting documents. It is also useful to quantify the amount of the required reimbursement and to set a deadline until when the holidaymaker expects the reimbursement to be made at which bank account.

As a guideline for the amount of the usual refunds applies the so-called Frankfurt table. If the tourist is not sure how much he can ask for a reduction, he can also ask for a reasonable refund.

It is important to know that the vacationer can insist on a cash benefit. This means that he does not have to accept travel vouchers of the organizer, irrespective of whether these are offered as a reduction of the travel price or to compensate for claims for damages.

The travel claim should be sent to the tour operator within four weeks of his return to the organizer in order to meet the deadlines.

Usually the organizer will confirm the receipt of the letter, but the actual processing may take some time. Otherwise, the holiday maker should, despite all the disappointment on a polite tone in his letter pay attention and also not forget to sign the letter by hand.