How to write congratulations?

There are different occasions and situations in which someone sees himself able to write or have congratulations and congratulations. This can be, for example, a birthday, a wedding or the birth of a child, as well as a passed exam, a promotion, a move, a business opening, a special anniversary or the retirement of a colleague.

A suitable card is usually found quite quickly, but when it comes to writing the congratulations, often missing the right ideas.

This is not because there are not enough verses, quotes, sayings and poems or the author is not sure what good wishes he wants to give the recipient on the way.

Rather, the reason is that most phrases are just standard phrases and sound appropriately used and hackneyed. The author, however, usually wishes to write congratulations that are imaginative, original and especially special.

The secret of successful and special congratulations lies in the personal touch. This means that these congratulations are not just good-sounding words, they also give the recipient the impression that they have been specially selected and written for him.

Instructions and tips for congratulations

At first glance, this seems very difficult and requires a high level of creativity and writing skills. In reality, however, anyone can learn to write individual and original congratulations if he or she guidebooks and takes a few tips into account.

As a basis for writing the congratulations, the author should make a few reflections:

This includes that he should decide what the congratulations should be, for example, funny, thoughtful, ironic, rhyming or even more distanced and formal. A relationship also plays a role in the relationship with the recipient, because if the congratulations are written to a business partner, of course, they are different than if they are addressed to a good friend, the neighbors or the spouse.

In addition, the author should think of the recipient himself. Every person has special character traits, his or her own external characteristics, hobbies and passions, and these are the perfect ingredients for ideas.

It is also interesting if the author directs his congratulations in a slightly different direction. This means, for example, if you want to write congratulations on a birthday, you do not necessarily have to mention the year and the word birthday in your text.

Some people may not like to celebrate their birthday or do not necessarily want to be reminded that another decade is over. Alternatively, the author can work with metaphors and speak, for example, of the next round for which the ring is now released.

In addition, the author can think of what the recipient is missing and wish him exactly this. Some people simply do not have enough time, others would like to be calmer and more relaxed, and others want material things like a chic car, a little house in the countryside or a trip around the world.

These desires and dreams can be used by the author to develop a small story out of it. For example, for every decade that has passed, he can devise a station that the receiver has already experienced, and one more station each for the coming decades.