What You Stand to Gain and Loose from a Proofreader Job

What is the Work of a Proofreader?

A proofreader is a professional who reviews your piece of work before making your final submission. What exactly does the reader perform? There are a host of activities that take place when proofreading.

First, the proofreader goes through the entire document. It follows with highlight places with:

  • Grammatical errors
  • Incoherent sentences
  • Sentence fragments
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Run-ons

Each of the above aspects lowers the quality of your work. It makes your document less desirable to your instructor. It is the main work of a proofreader to increase the readability of your paper. After reviewing all these steps, the proofreader must ascertain it conforms to the rules from the instructor. 

The process includes looking into the structure of your paper. The proofreader goes through the entire editing process to ensure you meet each instruction from your instructor. Furthermore, they edit the paper as per the formatting guidelines. Some common formatting styles used include:

  1. APA
  2. MLA
  3. Havard
  4. Chicago

Apart from fixing any errors with the document, the proofreader has a hand with changing the overall flow. A quality proofreader will work on ensuring your paper has a natural flow. It is possible by providing each sentence connects to the other naturally. Furthermore, they will ensure the overall structure guides the reader in understanding the piece.

Pros of a Proofreader

Many upsides come with working with a proofreader. Here is a roundup of some significant benefits you will accrue:

Less Pressure

When you are tied down with short deadlines and due dates, you can rest assured the proofreader will work on your document in time. It reduces the panic most students have when it comes to handing over their records. 

Flexible Working Hours

Most proofreaders work on the order; therefore, they have enough time to choose when to work on your document. Working with a professional gives you the autonomy to choose which time works best for you. You can set a deadline for submission of the proofread work.

Affordable Prices

Most proofreaders charge a reasonable amount for working on your document. The charges vary depending on the quality of the expert. However, you will find most experts charge within your price range with quality services.

Cons of Proofreaders

Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes, it can prove a daunting task is working with proofreaders. Here are a couple of challenging tasks when working with proofreaders.

Native Writers

It would help if you had someone with a strong command of the English language. Working with a native writer will only disrupt the flow of your paper. Most native proofreaders cannot craft your desired paper.

Scam Sites

Most sites upcoming are scam and prey on unsuspecting students with fake proofreading services. You might end up becoming a victim of these scam sites without your knowledge. Research before hiring a proofreader.


It is not guaranteed the proofreader will deliver the paper within the stipulated time. Therefore, you need assurances when it comes to the delivery time. Remember how you are faced with tight due dates for the paper. Ensure you frequently communicate with the proofreader on the progress of the paper. 

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