Most Popular Easter Decorations

Easter decorations are a great way to get into the spirit of the Easter season and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Traditionally, you would expect to see a variety of items used to decorate homes and churches for the holiday. Common decorations used include pastel-colored Easter eggs, Easter baskets, lilies, and bunnies.

What is something you would expect to see on easter decorations

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are arguably one of the most popular symbols of Easter and a traditional part of Easter celebrations all around the world. Commonly consisting of brightly colored, hard-boiled eggs and sometimes decorated with intricate designs, they have deep religious significance, symbolizing renewal and hope in many cultures, particularly in Christianity. The egg itself is often seen as a metaphor for Jesus’s resurrection from his tomb after his crucifixion.

Modern ideas for decorating these eggs include dying or painting them in various colors and creating potentially intricate designs. From classic dye-work to tutorials for advanced marbleized crafts, there are lots of options when it comes to giving colorful Easter eggs an extra touch of personality. You can also use craft supplies such as beads or other decorations to embellish your creations with custom text or images adding an extra special touch that will be sure to impress your family members this Easter season. Other edible decorations like sprinkles and chocolate chips offer no-mess fun while still making the egg more interesting!

Easter Bunnies

Easter bunnies have long been associated with the traditional Easter holiday. Decorations featuring or depicting bunnies, often adorned with colorful ribbons, eggs, and baskets are a popular choice among many observers. As far back as 1680, German settlers in Pennsylvania were reportedly exchanging replicas of springtime hares they called a “Osterhase” or “Easter Hare”. These were said to be carved from wood, served as centerpiece’s of reliefs depicted on containers.

In addition to wooden decorations, Easter bunnies have since branched out into fabric goods such as throws, towels and wall hangings. Plush toys have become incredibly popular during the season and may serve as both decoration and gift for those celebrating. Plastic Easter Eggs can also be found with figures of bunnies embedded into their shells or variously painted in bright designs. These items add the perfect pastel touch to any home’s Easter décor while inviting fond memories of playful childhood traditions surrounding this festive holiday!

Easter Lilies

Easter lilies have been a symbol of Easter for well over a hundred years and are the popular flower to place in church pews, home tables, and basket arrangements for Easter. The pure white trumpet-like flowers represent the purity of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. They mark this day because it is stated within Christianity that the lily was growing in abundance at Jesus’s empty tomb.

In addition to being placed in religious observance settings, Easter lilies can be incorporated into meaningful DIY decorations at home. Families can create an Easter basket using the fresh Easter lilies, artificial eggs, small colorful gems and other craft supplies of their choosing. These creations can symbolize Easter joy inside your home while paying tribute to its religious meaning by including this beautiful flower in memorable decorations!

Modern Easter Decorations

Easter decorations have come a long way since the traditional religious symbols, and now include a variety of creative and modern items. Some of the things you might expect to find as part of modern Easter decorations include colorful plastic eggs, flower arrangements, and festive table settings.

In this article, we will explore some of the newest trends in Easter decorations and why they have become so popular.

Colorful Streamers

Modern Easter decorations can add an extra festive feel to your holiday celebrations. One classic element of Easter decor is colorful streamers, which evoke the feeling of running in a field of wildflowers. Use shimmering metallic streamers to create a romantic atmosphere, or mix and match different colors for a more whimsical setting. You can also wrap streamers around fence posts or gather together several lengths of it and hang them like garland in doorways or around windows.

Accentuate your vibrant decorations with white eggshells hung on ribbon to create a natural ambience and evoke both springtime renewal and the custom of dyeing eggs for the Easter holiday.

Floral Garlands

A popular Easter decoration, floral garlands bring vibrancy and cheer to any home. These colorful decorations come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from simple wreaths of flowers to sprawling garlands able to fill an entire room. You can hang or drape floral garlands as part of your holiday decor or attach them to gifts for an extra special touch.

Some people like the simplicity of unadorned greenery; others prefer relatively restrained motifs such as cross-shaped wreaths decorated with spring blossoms or brightly painted eggs. You could also create your own customized garland with personal trinkets, mementos and other seasonal decorations.

Still other popular Easter decorations include lilies, tulips and pussy willows — each made more festive by stringing them together into vibrant arrangements as delightful reminders of the season’s arrival.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers have become a popular choice when it comes to modern Easter decorations. These decorative items are easy to make, economical and are capable of providing the perfect touch for any home that you want to give an Easter spirit.

Paper flowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from smaller-sized daisies, gerberas and poppies to larger flowering eglanthus and hibiscus. Paper flowers can also be used to create unique bouquets that you can give as gifts or simply use a an aesthetically pleasing display in your home.

Whether they’re made out of colorful tissue paper, natural fabric or origami papers, these decorations will look great no matter what the season might be!

Religious Easter Decorations

Religious Easter decorations are often a mixture of traditional symbols that represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ, such as crucifixes, crosses, and bunnies. These decorations are often used to symbolize faith, springtime, and the hope of rebirth. They can also be used to show reverence for the Christian religion and to commemorate the Easter season. 


Crosses are typically used to decorate for the Easter holiday season. They usually come in the form of standard-sized wooden crosses with ornate patterns, or fancy hanging crosses that are decorated with religious scenes such as Jesus on the cross, or even images of flowers and animals. Other decorated versions may also feature designs such as a crucifix or lace edging, as well as figurines with angels or other Biblical characters like Mary and Joseph.

Crosses are often displayed both indoors and outdoors, while small crosses may be worn on chains around the neck. Their presence helps to remind believers of Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice and offer encouragement during a season of hope and joy.


Angels are a traditional part of religious Easter decorations, symbolizing the angel that declared the resurrection of Jesus. Many churches display large statues of angels at their doorways or on their lawns in anticipation of Easter Sunday services. You can also find smaller-scale decorations featuring angels for your own home decor. These might include figurines, wall hangings, and wind chimes.

Angels may be painted in different colors and materials, like stone, wood, ceramic, or fabric. They can also take a variety of shapes and designs depending on the culture or religion they’re associated with. For example, some depict an angel declaring the good news while others depict serene figures with wings playing music to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Other popular design elements include halos made out of gold or silver paint as well as cherubs or putti holding banners with the message He is Risen!

Religious Symbols

The most common religious decorations used for Easter are the symbols of the Passion of Christ, most notably the cross and His resurrection. The Bible is often used as a decorative tool in Easter religious decoration, as well as anything else to represent Jesus or Christianity such as statues and carvings.

These symbols are integral to understanding the meaning behind Easter and displaying them in your homes or front yards is a great way to demonstrate your faith. Symbols that are found in Easter decorations range from crosses, crucifixes, bibles, empty tombs, and artwork featuring angels or saints.

Families who choose to decorate with religious signs can also create an atmosphere of joyous celebration with colorful garlands and egg designs around their home or on their lawns. Banners placed on walls throughout the house help guests understand what you’re celebrating if they walk into your home for celebrations.

Religious candles can either be placed in meaningful locations around a home or outside on a porch or patio space as part of traditional décor for this time of year. As well as candles being placed around homes, lights can also be hung all over a yard if desired to enhance the season’s festive feeling. A lot of churches tend to add even more decorations by keeping up palm fronds from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday which shows Biblical stories coming full-circle during this blessed holiday season.

DIY Easter Decorations

Easter decorations are an opportunity to show your creative side and fill your home with cozy and charming decorations that reflect the joy of the season. From colorful homemade egg decorations to creative Easter wreaths and wall decorations, there are many delightful DIY Easter decorations you can make with a little bit of imagination.

Paper Chains

Paper chains are a fun and easy craft for children of all ages to make. They make great decorations for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Baby Showers and Easter. The process is simple and can be done with basic supplies found at home.

You will need different colored construction paper or cardstock, scissors, stapler or tape and a ruler. Measure 10 cm from the long edge of the paper, draw your line and cut out (2 inch strips). Draw a shape or picture on one strip of the same color so that when you link it back to the chain it will be decorative. Staple or tape the ends together to form a loop, then link another loop through it to form your chain! For best results measure each strip individually before attaching it to have smooth even loops in your chain. You can make them any length you choose – they look amazing when they drape over tables at parties!

You can also use streamers or ribbon with glitter glue instead of paper strips if you want something more elaborate and flashy. With these supplies try doing bigger loops (4 inches) strands in Easter colors like yellow, green & pink – you could even add stickers for more detail!

Easter is an exciting time for decoration – making your own paper chains can make for an enjoyable family activity as well as an effective way to add festive Easter spirit into any space!

Handcrafted Bunnies

If you are looking for an easy and festive way to celebrate Easter, handcrafted bunnies are a great way to express your creativity and bring a sweet, springtime touch to your decor. From rustic bunnies made of real twigs or paper bunny silhouettes, there are plenty of fun ideas that will take your home decorations up a notch. Here is a look at some of the best DIY Easter Bunny projects you can do this season.

Twig Bunnies – Cut up pieces of wood into shapes that look like bunny parts; then assemble them into crafts resembling real rabbits! You can tie some string around the middle to help the parts stay together, if needed. Hot glue and wire work well for adding extra details such as ears and feet. Once your bunny is built, paint him in classic white or any other shades you like!

Paper Bunny Silhouette – For an easy yet adorable addition to any wall or window in your home, try creating one-of-a-kind paper bunnies out of copy paper or card stock! Trace out the shape of a bunny face with black permanent marker and cut it out with scissors. You can use craft paints or cut fabric in various colors for the ears and paws and then adhere them onto the body with glue or double-sided tape. To finish off your project, add on two small eyes with sequins or buttons!

Wooden Banner – If you want something more unique than traditional Easter decorations, consider making a stylish wooden banner from scrap wood pieces found around your house! Start by cutting out letters spelling “Easter” in block font; then attach them all onto one piece of wood using strong craft glue. Paint over both sides for color and details, add some decorative rope around each letter if desired, then hang it up on a nail or screw along your entrance way as part of your festive decorations!

Easter Wreaths

Easter wreaths create a cheerful spring display no matter where you hang them. They might decorate an entryway door, a sideboard, or the mantelpiece. Wreaths can be made from fresh evergreens and decorated with pastel-colored ribbons, silk flowers, and Easter eggs. Artificial decorations like a sparkly bunny or a furry chick can also be added to the wreath for extra color and texture.

Little flags, cutouts of bunnies or jelly beans hung with brightly colored ribbons are also popular accents that bring the joy of Easter into your home in a fun and festive way. A floral centerpiece graced with a scattering of colorful eggs makes an eye-catching addition to any table setting.

It’s easy to create your own unique Easter wreath: pick pinecones, foliage, mosses and flowers that suit your own decorating style or pick these items up at craft supply stores for inspiration.

Outdoor Easter Decorations

Outdoor Easter decorations are a fun way to bring color and cheer to your home during this special holiday. You may find yourself seeing vibrant bunnies, eggs, and other cheerful decor that can add a unique touch to your flowers and gardens.

Let’s explore some of the most popular outdoor Easter decorations and the ways they can be used to make your home look festive and inviting.

Lawn Ornaments

When it comes to outdoor Easter decorations, lawn ornaments usually fit the bill. Anything from furry bunnies to eggs-cellentegg tree and topiary displays, lawn ornaments can spruce up a front or backyard in no time.

Bunnies come in all shapes, sizes, and (no surprise) colors — pick your favorite white, pink/pale blue pastel Easter look. From larger than life inflatable decorations to smaller figures like rabbit statues and wooden springtime signs proclaiming everything from ‘Happy Easter’ to ‘Hope·Love·Peace·Joy’— there are countless ways to show your festive spirit on the outside of your house.

Garden Flags

Garden flags are a great way to add a cheerful, seasonal touch to your garden. There are a variety of flags with Easter themes available, from classic shapes and designs to even whimsical bunny-and-egg designs.

When shopping for Easter garden flags, look for festive materials like bright colors, patterned fabrics or appliques that showcase traditional motifs like eggs, bunnies, chicks or crosses. You can also find other decorations like bunny houses or brightly colored garlands that will bring whimsical cheer to your garden space during the holiday season.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own Easter garden flag with colorful fabric or ribbons and twine – the possibilities are endless!

Wind Spinners

Wind spinners are an attractive, fun and versatile option for outdoor Easter decorations. Often hung from beams, walls and fences, wind spinners come in traditional shapes such as butterflies, birds and four-leaf clovers but also feature more seasonal Easter symbols such as eggs, bunnies, crosses and elaborately crafted chimes.

Some models even feature inspirational words or phrases that are appropriate for the Easter season. Wind spinners can be hung from trees to add a colorful touch to garden settings. They often move slowly with the breeze which adds an extra bit of charm to an outdoor space.

Hanging wind spinners on a porch or patio also gives homeowners the opportunity to display bright colors while they enjoy the outdoors.